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Have you ever wondered how rugby got started, how it evolved over the years to become the game it is today and just how long it has been popular? We have the answers to this and much more. We also cover the history of the 6 Nations – from even before it had 6 nations in it.

Are you fed up of hearing how rugby is just the same as American football when you know full well it isn’t? We break down the differences between the two for you. In simple terms how rugby players can keep going no matter how hard they get tackled – without the need for a ton of padding.

Rugby is a beloved sport in England, and playing often runs in the family. Not many people can back up this claim as well as Owen Farrell, a player for the Saracens and for England, whose own father also played for England. Owens maternal grandfather played professional rugby as does one of his cousins. It is most definitely a family affair.

Rugby is a fantastic game to both play and watch, the atmosphere at a rugby match, even one not played in a stadium, perhaps just a pub league game, is electric. You can’t help but shout for your team, even if under any other circumstance you may not raise you voice at all – you can’t help but feel the passion and love for the game from everyone there.