The game of rugby is considered to be tougher than American Football and this is for a number of reasons. The main one is that American football players are well and truly padded when they go out onto the field, but with rugby players the protective equipment is minimal.

Rugby players also have a tendency to carry on when they suffer minor injuries, no matter how much blood seems to be on their kit. The lack of padding makes it more likely that a player will suffer an injury and the lack of padding is also an issue when it comes to the tackles in the game – they always seem to be a little more brutal in rugby where there is very little to protect the player who is being tackled. Most rugby players will wear a gumshield, but don’t feel the need for huge padded shoulders and helmets.

American football players would appear to be a little wary of playing when it is muddy – all of their pitches are artificial turf so there is never any mud. They don’t even have to worry about the rain, with many US stadiums having a roof. On the other hand, rugby players have played in all weathers and never get to the end of a game without being covered in mud unless there has been no rain for weeks.

One of the issues that rugby fans have with American football is that the players seem to stop every minute or so just for a chat. In rugby each half of the game lasts for 40 minutes and there is very little time for a chat. Research has suggested that in a game of American football there could be as little as 11 minutes of actual game playing and up to 67 minutes of ‘standing around’. It really does make you wonder why they need all that padding!