The Six Nations Cup was not always in its current format. The teams that make up this competition include England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Italy and France. This competition takes place every year but started life in 1883 as a Home Nations Championship. This is only a few years after rugby was developed as a game played at an international level. France joined in the early part of the 20th century but Italy did not join the line-up until 2000.

There was a gap in the rugby world during WWII. France took a while to shine in the tournament but during the 1960s and 1970s they won 8 titles. Italy has also been struggling to make an impact in the tournament, winning only a small percentage of the total games played since it joined.

England and France that have been winners since the tournament became the Six Nations Cup, but Wales has been going from strength to strength. The games are played at various stadiums across Europe. In England games are played at Twickenham, in France at the Stade de France. Each country has its own stadium used for these games.

Each team is aiming to win the Championship without dropping any points at all. This is known as a Grand Slam and since the Six Nations started it has only been achieved 8 times. Wales accounts for 3 of those. There are always other tournaments linked to the Six Nations. These include the Triple Crown – a home nations tournament involving Wales, England, Ireland and Scotland. England and Scotland compete for the Calcutta Cup, while the Millennium Trophy is between England and Ireland. France and Italy compete for the Guiseppe Garibaldi Trophy and Ireland and Scotland play for the Centenary Quaich.

All teams are currently fielding strong teams so the next tournament will be a hotly-contested event.