Every sports team has or needs a sponsor. Casinos often step up into this role, and sports sponsorship is actually big business. But what is sports sponsorship?

Sponsoring a team

When a team need a sponsor, sometimes the team will approach a business and ask for the help or the business will approach the team. It is a way of mutual assistance, as the team gets financial help which can cover costs of new uniforms, equipment or upkeep of grounds and associated buildings, and the company get to advertise on the uniform, on billboards around the ground and in match programmes.

Why Casinos?

Not all teams are sponsored by casinos or online gaming sites, but many are. This is perhaps due to several reasons. Casinos often have money to spare, so funding a popular team would not hurt them financially. This funding is often one of the main difference between live & online roulette and casinos. The bigger the team they sponsor the far reaching the advertising will be.

Which Casinos?

  • Ladbrokes sponsored the 4 Nations Cup in 2016
  • Pier Fun Casinos of Wigan sponsors Wigan Warriors
  • Betsafe sponsor the London based Saracens rugby team
  • Genting Casinos sponsor Manchester based Sale Sharks

Sports Sponsorship

So why is sports sponsorship so lucrative? All sports sponsorship, not just rugby is big business. It can be worth multi-millions of pounds to some companies. Companies that can afford to sponsor the top teams get the most out of it, but the small independent businesses that sponsor unknown local teams or kid’s leagues will still get the advertising in and around the community that they serve. It is a win-win situation.

Imagine advertising your business on a billboard or siding at the edge of a rugby pitch, each time there is a match at the stadium it has the potential for 50k+ people seeing your name – they then take your advert home in their programme, so your potential client base grows with no additional effort from you.