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Transfers Transfers



14.1 The closing date for transfers for U12s (Year 7) and above shall be 31 January for teams whose season begins in September and 23 October for those beginning in March.


14.2 Transfer forms received closed season for U12s (Year 7) and above will be processed after all CRF1 forms have been submitted and monies received for the coming season from the team involved in the movement of a player.  When forms and monies have been received the transfer will be processed.


14.3 Any Player, Parent or Guardian owing monies or garments to the club they are leaving will void the transfer until an agreement by both parties is achieved.


14.4 Transfers will be processed throughout the playing season for ‘in-house’ transfers, players returning to their former clubs within the playing season and free agents from disbanded teams.



15.1 The transfer procedure shall be as follows:


(a) The Secretary or Nominated Club Person of the new club must start the transfer process and complete the new club details on the official transfer form.


(b) The player's parent/guardian must fill in all their details required and sign the form to confirm they are correct.


(c) The current club must complete the form, sign it and release the player's ID card once they are satisfied the details on the transfer form are correct.


(d) The transfer form, the player's ID card and a newly completed player registration form is then forwarded to the General Secretary by the new club.


(e) The General Secretary will then record the transfer and send on to the RFL for a new card to be distributed back to the club.


15.2 All players once registered with a team may only transfer to another team on obtaining written permission of the club and the League.  No player may register for more than one team in a season unless agreed by the Board.


15.3 No player can transfer to a club unless there is a registered team at an age group that the player would be eligible to play in.  For example an U12 (Year 7) can only transfer to a club that has either an U12s (Year 7) or U13s (Year 8).


15.4 Teams from U12 (Year 7) and above may register up to 3 players on transfer in a season, the start and closing date of which shall be as rule14.1.


15.5 After transferring, a player will have the option to return to the team from which they transferred within that playing season but will be cup tied to any cup competitions they have taken part in with the team they are leaving.  This will not count on the transfer quota.


15.6 Should a player transfer to a club and then transfer again in that season, the original transfer will not count towards the quota of the original club.  This will be monitored and processed by the General Secretary.


15.7 Teams at U10s (Year 5) and U11s (Year 6) may register 3 players on transfer in a season.


15.8 Mini League players shall have freedom of movement and may use the transfer procedure to play for a maximum of 3 clubs in any one season.


15.9 Players that transfer to a club and the following season wish to INHOUSE TRANSFER to another team within that club can do so but will count as part of the quota of transfers allowed.


15.10 Any player who re-registers within a club at a different age group does not have to be transferred but must remain with that age group for the rest of the season.  If the player then wishes to move in season to the previous age group at the same club, then they will need to follow the transfer procedure.


15.11 Transfers will be monitored closely from season to season.  Should 'super team building' be identified then the Board will reserve the right to refuse a transfer.  This includes players from disbanded teams.


15.12 On refusal of a transfer, if a player does not return to their original club then the League's insurance will not be valid.


15.13 Transferring players found guilty of falsifying the transfer document will have the transfer refused and could be expelled from the League.


15.14 Any club, player or official found guilty of inducing (poaching) a player of a club to join another shall be deemed guilty of misconduct and will be dealt with as the Board decide.



16.1 If a team is disbanded the points that have been played for will be adjusted from the relevant teams as per rule 26.9.


16.2 Notice of the disbanded team must be put in writing to the General Secretary. This MUST be signed by the Club Secretary or Nominated Club Person.


16.3 If there is a team within the club with 20 registered players or less in which the players of the disbanded team are eligible to play (see rule 11.7) then they may use the transfer procedure to move to that other team within the club without counting on the quota.


16.4 If a player from a disbanded team wishes to move to another club:


(a) If there is no team within the club with 20 registered players or less in which the players are eligible to play (see rule 11.7) then they shall become free agents and may use the transfer procedure to move to another club without counting on the quota.


(b) If there is a team within the club with 20 registered players or less in which the players are eligible to play (see rule 11.7) then they may use the transfer procedure to move to another club but will count on the quota if one applies to that age group.


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